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4th annual Honor Ride to benefit our Veterans will take place on July 29th, rain or shine.  Registration is live at id=1490&pg=entry

Since 2003 Dark Horse Cycles has been sponsoring races and bringing folks together from all over the east coast and even Canada. Last year we decided that it was time to put both the 40 and SSAP to bed, as the legalities and negotiations with other user groups just got to be too much.
The biggest lament vocalized by the over 7000 racers we hosted was that our events enabled new and old friends to get together that they otherwise never got to see.
And that gave us an idea. Why not host a "Dark Horse Family Reunion", on the property that needed neither permits, insurance, or negotiations with other users of Stewart.
April 28th and 29th we will be hosting the first ever reunion for those that want to reconnect, hang out, and ride Stewart.
We feel we can host 100 folks at the shop, and are in the process of setting up a schedule that is sure to be a blast.
Camping will be available on the shop property, with outdoor showers and porta potties provided. We are trying to get one of our bike companies here for a demo on Saturday, with a full home cooked dinner to follow, and live acoustic entertainment that night. Beer from Newburgh Brewing Company with be flowing around the fire pit as always. Sunday morning, a catered breakfast will be served, after which I will be leading a no drop, group ride at Stewart. After the ride, you will be served a nice catered lunch from the Cauldron restaurant that is right across from the shop...those that have eaten there know the quality of their food!
We will provide you with a commemorative pint glass that you can add to your collection, and which will be much broken in after the weekend.
The cost will be $65.00 per person and that is all inclusive. If you don't want to camp, there are a few very nice new local hotels.
We intend this to be a laid back, no pressure event and are taking care of any and all details to make you as comfortable and welcome as possible.
Sign up will be through the shop, rather than having to pay a fee on line...all you need do is sign a release upon arrival, and settle in for another great Dark Horse memory! Hope to see you there! "The Mayor"