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I just got a new lap top computer for the shop.  Not that there was anything wrong with the old one, except that with three, monitor, and keyboard it took up too much space.  I figured by having only one unit to deal with in a condensed space, that would leave more room to display my pint glass collection...makes perfectly good

I am enjoying having this smaller unit, but as always, with anything new and good, comes a down side.  The screen, while having an amazing resolution, is smaller thus sending me on the hunt for my glasses twice as often.  The scroll space on the laptop certainly offers ample space to whip the cursor around, but I find I am no longer dextrous enough finger wise to properly control it thus making a wireless mouse necessary.  I will learn to adapt otherwise how would I be able to keep on top of emails, world events, and how much money is in the checkbook?

I recently received a satellite radio conversion kit for my 10 year old truck, even though a new set of tires would have been more practical. I have ridden in other vehicles with satellite radio, and realized that not even modern technology has been able to figure out how to properly transmit a signal through tunnels, and groves of elm trees.  Seems in the middle of a song, the music indescriminately ends, only to pick up seconds later with some lame comedian dropping the F-bomb about nothing in particular. Makes no sense at all to me why I would want to pay for this service when I get the same experience after our Sunday rides while drinking beer in the parking lot, free of charge!

For my last birthday, my daughter gave me a GPS unit for the same 10 year old truck, which is quite ironic considering I never get to go anywhere.  I already know how to get to Shoprite, and Brewhouse beverage so perhaps the money would have been better spent on some Long Trail IPA...I certainly know my way around that neighborhood!  My wife insisted that we install it and go for a ride to try it out.  Imagine my surprise when I was given a choice of either the English accent guy, or some women's voice that sounded as surprisingly condescending as my own wife's! I think if I ever get to go anywhere, I'll just stop into a gas station and ask for a map...

A guy who comes in the shop quite often, and rides regularly, suggested I pick up an Ipod.  Trying to be funny, and not sound too ignorant, I joked why would I want IHop pancakes on a ride...he didn't get it!  That's ok because when I was his age, I was amazed by the same compact music technology known as a transister radio.  Difference being, to hear a song, I didn't have to pay 99 cents to some unseen person on a website that I hardly know how to navigate anyway!  Most importantly, we had "Wolfman Jack", and he doesn't even know who he was...seems a pity!

I can safely say, the only modern convienence that I find useful is my easy pass thing.  Even though I don't get to go anywhere, I lend it to my wife, and my daughter, and they take great joy in speeding through the lanes, defying the highway authority to catch them using my pass.  I find the biggest challenge with easy pass is trying to figure out the monthly statement, and how they get to use my credit card more often then I do.  Maybe that's the reason I had a charge on my account from Starbuck's in Montreal Canada!

Trust me, I think current technology is wonderful.  I am not against my life being easier.  I am also not against the new army of technicians born out of necessity to constantly fix all this new technology.  The fact that so many of the repair guys are gainfully employed, and so busy you can't reach them except through voice mail, makes me think there might have been some method to someone's technological madness...some hidden government conspiracy perhaps.

Someone should probably do an investigative study on all this new stuff. and before the study is published, I suggest they install a new ribbon in their typewriter purchased at the local five and dime!  Wadda mean I'm a fossil?????

"Yours in trying to understand it all"  George