Dark Horse Cycles on Facebook

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Social networking is an interesting media for sure.  While it eliminates that one on one personal interaction, it certainly hits the masses with both interesting and mundane issues in one's life.  While I enjoy sitting down and chatting live with someone, I do get a kick out of sharing what I deem at a certain moment interesting, or of glaring importance.

I was told as a local business, I needed to interact with both friends and strangers alike so they would be kept abreast of what was going on in my life 24 hours a day.  Pleading ignorance regarding matters of cyberspace, and Facebook in particular, I turned to my wife to hook me up with a free account, since to the best of my knowledge, wives know practically everything there is to know about what's free!  No coupons needed here, only a burning desire to share daily occurances best chronicled with a grainy cell phone photo.

Not owning a cell phone capable of taking pictures, this task was relegated to my partner Mike, who changes cell phones as frequently as I change bikes...and that is often.  He takes the picture, and I allegedly, post some witty comment.  Once we post, I check back often to see if anyone "LIKES THIS", or comments back to see if we enhanced, or offended anyone's existence.  Who knew that anyone could become infuriated, or mellowed by what I decided to share in a moment of boredom!

The one aspect I have been enjoying is the daily posting of pictures of the new shop.  We have developed quite a following of well wishers, from both the "Empire State" from which we plan to profit, and even as far away as Portland Oregon.  What interest anyone could have from Oregon, I do not know...perhaps the same interest I show in checking on what happens at Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado.  While I have actually visited Oskar Blues, and plan to again, I can only hope someone from Portland plans to visit me and spend some money at the new shop...and then post that they "LIKE THIS."

Another aspect of Facebook that I am enjoying and have used to our media advantage, is the posting of both stories, and pictures from our recent race, SSAP, or more commonly Singlespeed-a-palooza.  Waking up to cold April showers after a week of sunny and 70 degrees, we offered up 25 of the muddiest and cold epic miles that a singlespeeder could possibly ask for...or not!  The race went well for the conditions, and for days afterwards, we were reminded pictorially, with videos in particular, what a fine time was had by all...or not!  Memories were shared, and re-hashed over and over, and everyone declared this race to be memorable and the "LIKES" over-ruled the "DOESN'T LIKES"...or not...I don't really know because I just ignore whatever I don't like!

One of the coolest features is if someone says something that I find offensive, or posts something that goes against what I believe, I can just "Remove" them.  Also, if someone requests my friendship, and I just get a bad vibe regarding them, or don't like their face for that matter, I can just "Ignore" them without fear of retribution!  What you have to be careful of in this instance is that the removed individual shouldn't take a cheap shot at you on some obsure forum under an even more obscure avatar.  I've often thought however, the fact I might be visiting this obscure forum makes me fair game for someone who perhaps decided they just don't like me, or my face for that matter.  Maybe they just don't like the fact that the building is red, or were offended that I woke up on the wrong side of the world that particular morning...who knows what drives the ire of the devout "Dark Horse" follower???

To be perfectly honest, I am enjoying posting daily progress on Facebook.  I haven't decided if it's an undeniable need to feed my ego, or just a way to nurture interest in our future bike shop.  Either way both needs are being satisfied, and so far I think I only minimally may have offended a few followers.  If I did, I really didn't mean to.  If you've been removed, it was only on impulse, and If I knew how to re-instate you I probably would.  If I've ignored you it's very possible that you posted too many pictures of girls kissing, or your dog riding your bike in State Parks while wearing a team kit on a bike brand I don't sell.  Try to re-friend me and I'll take it under consideration.  I want you to know all there is to know about my daily routine, and whether I like you or not, take it under advisement that I can always remove you on the spur of the moment, then you'll never get to see the shower being installed, or a picture of my dog being the first to squat on the lawn of 628 Route 17K, and Mike my partner cleaning it up...George "LIKES THAT!"

"Yours in Social Mis-management"  George