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Thankfully, someone my age does not need to justify why I welcomed 2010 in at 12:03 A.M.  Kathie tried to roust me for the obligatory midnight kiss, but after a growler of Hurricane Kitty consumed while cooking a crockpot of chili for the New Year's day ride, I figured the ball was going to fall with, or without me!  Once again I was right.  Only thing left now was the goodnight kiss, and another entire night of listening to the Honeymooner's Marathon...does it possibly get any better than that?

I always viewed the beginning of a new year with ambivalent feelings.  I'm never sure if I feel relief at the passing of the previous year, or the rejoicing of a fresh and promising 365 days.  I do know the older I get, the more rapidly the holidays come and go.  I will admit that in the course of the year, I feel thanks for each and every day, and do my best to maximize the alloted time given to me.  I have no regrets, and given the chance, would change nothing.  I lost one group of riding buddies, and gained another...both have their good and bad points, but frankly, this gang I'm with now, more than before, share my burning passion for the sport.

2010, is destined to be the year of George...I hope.  We are going to be building a new shop on 2 acres of the most beautiful property that this area has to offer.  I feel pretty darn good for a guy my age, and after 29 years, my wife still wants me to come home nights...go figure!  My mother is back living alone, and although insisting she's not vacuuming, or dusting, is fooling no one.  As long as she gives me chocolate everytime I go over to throw out her kitty litter, I can look the other way.  Hell, she's still my mother, and mom knows best.

After 21 years in the bike business, my passion for the sport burns as strong as ever...probably stronger.  I never stop trying to set the bar higher and make the sport more enjoyable, and exciting for anyone associated with Dark Horse.  This is supposed to be fun, and healthy, and if anyone is willing to follow me, well then I'm more than willing to lead.

One observation I've made recently, is all those things that seemed so darned important, actually are trivial.  Once disected, those annoying situations are actually not so annoying, as they are humorous.  Why obsess over the little things?  What helps me through is a bike ride, a pint of micro brew, and if convienent enough, a half rack of BBQed ribs!  If ribs aren't available, then a ride, a pint, and Kathie's Shepard's pie will do just fine!  Point is, I finally learned to look the other way, and move on to what really matters.  This ability comes with age, and should not be attempted by anyone under 30 years's a right of passage, and aquired taste...sort of like 20 year old Port, or Del Maguay tequilla...Is that a good analogy...I don't know, but at my age, who cares?  Just thinking about it makes me laugh, and there you have it.

We rode today at Stewart State Forest for almost 11 miles in the snow and ice, and welcomed in the next year amongst friends, chili, and booze.  We all feel good...we all like each other, and we all look forward to sharing the new year with each other.  I like that's nice to be a part of something nice.  I think I will stop reading the headlines on the internet, because for the most part, they are not nice.  I would stop reading the headlines in the newspaper, but because Kathie likes to do the crossword puzzle, I will keep subscribing for home delivery, and since it's here already, and there's coffee involved, might as well see what's going on.  Stoopid planet, you all need to ride more, and stop fighting with each other...that's what marriage is for!

So, let's welcome 2010 with open arms, and give the year the benefit of the doubt.  We should all be smarter now, and realizing our mistakes, should be able to turn things around for the better.  Keep in mind, the Mayans predicted 2012 to be the end of days, but I don't believe it.  Too much riding, too much loving, too much giving to cram into two short years...besides, if they were so smart, and knew so much, why aren't they still here?

In closing, let me leave you with these words of wisdom..."This sport is stoopid, but damn, who doesn't love a little stoopidity?"  "I do, I do!"

"Yours in winter bliss"  George