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My father was always a very superstitious guy, and as smart and tough as he was, seemed way out of character for this ex-Hoboken scrapper!  Any time I would brag to him that things were going well for me, and good things were bound to happen, his eyes would widen, and he would warn me not to give myself a "Konahara", or in laymen's terms, a Jinx.  Why he didn't just say jinx, I don't know, but he got a kick out of himself using that phrase. He then would form his fingers in a "V", spit three times through them, and declare the jinx difused!

To this day I am somewhat paranoid, and slightly hesitant to tell anyone that things are going well, but after the summer I endured, I am due!  The last column pretty well told the stressful tale of parental health issues, and I am thrilled to report, my mother is now living at her condo again, and against my wishes, is back behind the wheel of her Chevy Impala.

I traveled to Virginia, competed in the Shenandoah 100 mountain bike race, finished, and managed to avoid stepping on a timber rattler that would have really dampened my enthusiasm for the woods.  I even wound up bringing home a very cool pint glass and t-shirt for my efforts.

I am traveling to Utah in October with 3 guys from our team to compete in the 24 hours of Moab race, and with a full agenda of riding, and hiking, can hardly contain my excitement.  We even have a personal guided tour of Oskar Blues Brewing Company lined up, little more than an hour after we land in Denver at 10am...what the hell, it's 12 oclock somewhere folks...being that beer is one of the 7 essential food groups, we'll just call it brunch!

And the biggest, and best news is that by the time you read this, I will have closed on 3 acres of commercial property right outside of my "Mayoral" realm...Stewart State Forest!  The property consists of an 1800's farmhouse, which my partner Mike is going to rent, and a matching barn to boot.  Unfortunately, the barn is not in good enough condition to salvage, but the wood is, and will look great in our brand, spanking new 2 story shop, built to look like a barn!

We have all the necessary paperwork to approach the planning board, and if I've lived as clean as I think I have, hope to skate through, and begin the 2010 season in new digs.  I've paid my dues, and I deserve it.  I've worked hard, shopped for 2 years for this parcel, and will fulfill my life's dream.  What could be better than to finish up a career, that for me is truly a labor of love, in MY shop, on 3 acres of the planet earth, which I own!  I cannot wait...

Should I brag about this?  Sure, why not.  It's going to happen, and all our friends, and customers are almost as excited for us as I am.  We make good times happen, and support the community at every opportunity.  We exemplify what good neighbors were when I grew up in the 60's, and 70's...I want to be a good neighbor...I want to help, and leave you laughing.

Too bad my father is not here to see this, but thank God my mother is, and she's bursting with pride for what I have achieved.  Basically, my grand finale exemplifies the values  taught by my parents, and I am thankful that I am healthy enough, and fortunate enough to realize a dream...Who lives better than me?

Hopefully I am not unrealistically entering this project thinking there's not going to any glitches along the way.  I know there will be, but I am ready to handle it.  I have good people backing me, good intentions, and nothing but good will toward the community that I will be representing.

If I'm any judge of character, my father is looking down at me with celestial eyes widening, fingers at the ready, getting ready to spit in defense of my future.

That won't be necessary, because while I was putting the key in the lock to clean out the barn, and no one was looking, I managed to spit on my own fingers, and just for good measure, knocked on it covered!

"Yours in great fortune"  George