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When I was a young boy living home, and complained to my father that I was bored, he used to tell me " Why don't you go hit your head aginst the wall, because it gives you something to do and feels so good when you stop?"  Some how I sensed sarcasm coming from Dad, and just for the record, I never did do what he suggested!

This winter has me beaten down, and I am so BORED.  We haven't had this kind of cold and snow for quite some time, and coupled with the economic woes, we are feeling the effects of a serious one two punch.  We are looking for things to do around the shop, and being the type of person I am, cannot bring myself to close because it's slow.  We have painted, dusted, scrubbed, vacuumed, built bikes, played countless thousands of games of solitare, and probably gotten under each other's good graces, and still we're looking for projects.

We have ridden all winter, mostly on the snow mobile tracks at Stewart State Forest, but even that's getting old.  There's something about frozen water bottles, and chemical heat packs cooking your toes that takes the enjoyment edge off the ride!  If you've never experienced the sensation of cold, clammy chamois rubbing against a frozen vinyl saddle, you're not riding in Upstate New York!

The guys are cool, no pun one complains.  You can sense the discomfort levels by the smiles on the gang, that look suspiciously like grimaces of pain.  A+ for effort guys for putting on the game face!

We get looks of disbeleif by anyone who has witnessed our Sunday outings.  This coming mostly from hunters with 4 layers of Woolrich Jackets, and their tracking dogs with little sweaters, and poly pro booties.  Imagine how we look at you...and the only thing we're looking to kill is a six pack after the ride!

Time at the shop is spent trying to come up with new and exciting ideas to combat what's going on in retail, and believe me, all that thinking makes my head hurt.  Supposedly the bike industry is thought to be recession proof, but I don't think that's so.  Given the choice between fuel, food, heating oil, braces, college tuitions, etc. bicycles don't exactly run at the front of the pack.  For me they are as much of my life as family, beathing, and eating, but for the average rider, a bicycle ranks up there with the riding mower.

We will persevere because we care.  We will adapt to cahnge because we have to, and want to.  Like all facets of our everyday lives, things change, and you either sink or swim, and I like swimming.  We will not wring our hands in despair, and as badly as we feel for businesses that fail, we will concentrate our efforts on our little world of Dark Horse.  We don't want a bailout, handout, or shoutout...we only want to forge ahead.  The toughest part of this whole strategy is staying focused.  Turns out these days that we have much more checks on hand than money, but we'll figure that one out I assure you.  We're here to stay, just ask me and I'll tell you!

The phone has been starting to ring already, and once Mike stops banging his head against the wall, and I stop losing at solitaire, we'll actually answer the phone, and hopefully sell a bike because it "Just feels so good!"  C'mon, cough up the cash and be the first one to jumpstart the economy in Montgomery New York!!!!!

"Yours in prospective poverty but still loving life"  George